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At Spring Hills Assisted Living Facility, our hospitality department ensures you receive nutritious meals three times daily – and if the featured dish is not your preference, other healthy, nutritionally balanced options are always available. While enjoying mealtime, our residents are engaged as they are in the perfect setting that promotes social interaction. To find out more about our dynamic meal plans, please contact us.

Take a look at one of our sample menus.

Wellness & Recreation

At Spring Hills Assisted Living Facility, there are many recreational options to choose from. There are many daily indoor and outdoor programs available for your enjoyment, wellness, and preferences. Our comprehensive activities and classes are designed by our experts to enhance mobility, strength, cognition, relaxation, balance, flexibility, and overall health.

Take a look at our activities calendar and the latest upcoming events.

Wellness & Recreation

Some of the best things about our community here at Spring Hills Assisted Living Facility is that it is a comfortable yet safe place for your loved ones to go about their daily routines. The accommodations that we provide are equipped with comfortable, home-like features so that your loved one will feel right at home.

  • Private and Semi-private accommodations available
  • Call and alert system within the facility
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Cable TV
  • Internet and Phone
  • Shared common living areas that promote social interaction
  • Secure courtyard